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Modern Classics……by David Gould, LINKS Magazine, the BEST of GOLF

Victory for the colonies in the American Revolution brought the burden of solving long standing territorial squabbles, including a contested boundary between Massachusetts and Connecticut that originally stemmed from faulty British survey work in 1642. Settlement of this dispute produced a deviation in the states’ straight-edge border, a cartological quirk known as the Southwick Jog. Perhaps you have spotted it on your highway map during a foliage tour, or a round of college visits with the kids and wondered about its origins. Wonder no more, that dip on your road map is now known for the BEST, upscale, affordable public golf course in New England, The Ranch Golf Club. If you have played it you’ll understand but if you have not had the pleasure what are you waiting for, make your way. The Ranch Golf Club is sited on a former country retreat of the Crane Paper Company, barons of the bond-paper industry and developers of cloth embedded stock that became a U.S. Treasury Standard for counterfeit-resistant currency. The course is laid out by course architect, Damien Pascuzzo, a California-based designer. The Ranch is a cerebral, sporty and tournament-worthy course that rumbles along the base of a north-south ridge, then spirals delightfully into wooded uplands. Pascuzzo’s visual style is nicely nuanced. The distinction between his green fronts and the fairways leading up to them can be teasingly blurry. Bunker styling is is appropriately diverse throughout the course. One particular look – ragged and blowout-style on the far edge, smoothly finished on the near edge is in obvious favor. In general this is a pleasing design.

Dress Code
Shirts and shoes must be worn on the golf course at all times.
Men’s shirts should have sleeves and collars.
Bathing attire, cut off shorts, halter-tops, tube tops, tank tops, and similar types of recreational wear are not considered proper dress on the golf course.
Metal spikes are not permitted.

At The Ranch Golf Club, we pride ourselves on providing each guest with an exceptional experience similar to that of members of private facilities. We are pleased to provide the following amenities to help enhance your experience while visiting The Ranch.
Handicap Services – USGA GHIN system computer for our guests to post scores.

Practice Facility
Our Practice Facility is one of the best in New England; green grass tees, target greens and quality practice balls . We have two practice putting greens; one for putting, and one for chipping along with a greenside bunker.  The best environment to work all facets of your game!

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